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The best places to visit during your holiday in Calpe


With the hustle and bustle of everyday life it is necessary to find a paradisiacal place to take a rest and sightseeing. If you are looking for the right place visit with family, friends or your couple, holiday in Calpe is what you need. This magical municipality is located on the Mediterranean coast of Spain and offers the best views of its mesmerizing waters. Although it has a short extension, Calpe has a lot to offer tourists looking for adventure and rest.

We know that Calpe is drawing your attention with its soft sands, clear skies and crystalline waters. Keep reading and discover 10 places in Calpe you can’t miss. Visit them all and fall in love with the Mediterranean coast.

1. Peñón de Ifach

Proudly framing the Costa Blanca of Alicante we find our first attraction not to be missed in your holiday in Calpe. We are speaking of course of the Rock of Ifach. This impressive 332 meters high mineral formation has a serene view of the Mediterranean Sea. The Rock is part of a national park that you can enjoy both at the top and on its slopes. You can take a hiking tour and calmly admire this gigantic rock formation. It is possible to do a climbing route and visit the Research Center just on the climb. Whatever option you choose, we assure you that you will have a spectacular view.

2. Las Salinas

Another of the most representative places in Calpe are the Salinas. This is the name given to a group of huge salt water lagoons and very shallow depths. Its origin was some old salt mines that were used to preserve fish. It is curious for tourists that, although these lagoons lie quietly resting in the midst of the hustle and bustle of several departmental buildings, it is an area with such a rich ecosystem. The Salinas is a home to majestic bird species such as flamingos, storks, herons and ducks. This turns this area into a protected natural area with a high ecological value. We recommend that you put aside your car and take advantage of this part of trip on foot for a better experience.

3. Los baños de la Reina

The Queen’s Baths are very old vestiges near the port dating from the Roman Empire. Although you can appreciate all kinds of buildings, the ones that most attract the public’s attention are small, grid-shaped pools. These have a short depth and feature canals that allow the entrance of sea water. The Queen’s Baths are the perfect place for children to take a dip. This is because of its stunning view of the Rock of Ifach and its crystalline and calm waters. There are two versions that assure that these buildings were for personal idle use of the queen or perhaps even for relaxation use of all the inhabitants of her villa. Others assure that it used to be a fish farm in its time. Whatever the theory is, it’s a tourist spot you can’t miss.

4. La Cala del Racó

At the foot of the Rock of Ifach we find the Cala del Racó. It is the only beach in the Valencian Community that has a perfectly traced underwater route. It is well known that this cove is perfect for those tourists who enjoy the diving experience on holidays in Calpe. Anyone who wants to appreciate the richness of its marine flora and fauna will be amazed. Submerge and enjoy knowing the species that inhabit the water following the route charted for divers. And if you are one of those who prefer the view from above and to stay dry, there are several places where you can sit and just enjoy the ambiance.



5. The Old town

The sea views and the delightful breeze are among the most sought after experiences when taking holiday in Calpe. However, we can’t deny that this place has much more to offer then the water. In the Old Town you will find an impressive historical area dating from the 15th century, and consists of several walls, towers, arches and bridges. Inside this Old Town you can visit different buildings. La Ermita de San Salvador, la Casa de Senyoreta, Fester Museum are some of them. Enjoy also the Church of Nuestra Señora de las Nieves, and the beautiful reduced Paso urbano Forat de la Mar. Immerse yourself in the history with each one of these sites and take the whole afternoon to walk at ease feeling the heart of these buildings.

6. La Pobla d’Ifach

This beautiful medieval settlement was built in the 13th century and was under the command of Admiral Roger de Llúria. Among hundreds of vestiges of past civilizations, this is the only one from the time of the conquest that has not been investigated, excavated or transformed in any way. This walled enclosure has a complex entry system, stays, houses and warehouses. Stresses the imposing church dedicated to Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles with its own medieval necropolis. Nowadays the town council together with museums work to restore and investigate this area.

7. Ecological Walk Príncipe de Asturias

Right in the area where we find La Cala del Racó begins a beautiful corridor known as Ecological Walk Príncipe de Asturias. Surrounding the base of the Rock of Ifach this route can take half an hour, where you will enjoy stunning views during holiday in Calpe. Discover another point of view of both the Peñón and the southern coast of Calpe: Altea, L’Albir and Benidorm. There is nothing more relaxing than taking a harmonious stroll and stopping to see the Rock in all its splendor. But even more astonishing is to look back and find the penetrating blue of the Mediterranean Sea.

8. Torre Molí del Morelló

Further on Las Salinas, to the side of the Queen’s Baths, we find the impressive Torre Molí del Morelló. With a construction typical of Marina Alta region, this tower in fact was a flour windmill. The Torre Molí del Morelló is an impactful cylindrical building. This one is born from natural soil and was built in the 19th century. Get lost in the architecture of its thick minimalist walls.

9. Roman Baths

On one side of the Queen’s Baths we can find another impressive site called Romans Baths. With a similar structure in dimensions and shape, the Roman Baths are perfect for sunbathing by the water. If you’re in the mood for a restful morning without leaving town, this is the place. Take your towel, your bathing suit and your sunglasses and prepare to relax in the middle of the history. The Roman baths have an excellent depth to bathe the youngest of the family.

10. Orthodox area near Calpe

Although this place is not properly inside Calpe, we could not help but mention it. On the stretch that covers the road between Altea and Calpe you can drive calmly and watch the road. Suddenly you will see a large building with a rather contrasting architecture, it is the Russian Orthodox Church of the Archangel Saint Michael. This area, called Altea Hills, is a luxury urban development created by and for Russian magnates. Various real estate buildings are forming a curious landscape that doesn’t match much with the rest of the city. More than an official attraction for holiday in Calpe is a new area that will take you out of the routine, so it’s worth a visit.

Where to stay for holiday in Calpe

All the places on our list sound fabulous. But before you get excited planning your holiday in Calpe and how you will spend your days, don’t forget the accommodation. With a noble, sunny, warm climate and a distinctive smell of salt, you will not want another thing than to stay by the sea. Of course, as in all the major tourist spots in the world, hotels are a valued option. However, if you want a more personalized experience that puts you in touch with the city, the apartments are your option. One of the best complexes of tourist apartments in Calpe are the Costa Blanca Melior, perfect for diverse needs. Stay in the heart of the city and have all the attractions at your fingertips.

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