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Will you visit Calpe in Winter? Do not miss these things to do during your visit

Will you visit Calpe in Winter? Do not miss these things to do during your visit

Calpe, a small town blessed by waters of the Mediterranean Sea is one of the favorite destinations of many tourists. And the fact is that the beauty of its beaches has no comparison. The color of the sea and the golden sun makes that you feel as if you were in the paradise.

Even during the winter Calpe remains spectacular place to visit. Here we will show you 5 things that you can do during the winter in Calpe. We also give you other tips, for example, on renting apartments in Calpe, which you should consider.

Why visit Calpe?

  • Move away from the bustle of the cities. Far away from the noise, the rush and the chaotic life that can be in the city. Calpe is an excellent opportunity to escape from everything, to relax and to forget the stress of the daily life.
  • Natural beauty. Another one of the best reasons to consider vacations in Calpe is the natural beauty enclosed in this place. The spectacular color of the sun and the sky make Calpe easily confuse with the work of some famous painter.
  • There is always something to do. It does not matter if you visit Calpe in summer or winter, here you will always find something to do. So if you’re looking to be occupied, undoubtedly the best thing is to consider visiting this destination. We assure you that you will never get bored, there is always something new to do.
  • It is very accessible. For those, who travel with a limited budget Calpe is an excellent option. This destination offers options for everyone through a great tourist offers, hotels, apartments, things to do, restaurants and more.


    What can I do in Calpe during the winter?

    Peñón de Ifach
    This natural reserve stands out for its amazing Peñon which is located right at the foot of the Mediterranean Sea. With a height of more than 300 meters, this rock rises imposingly as a guardian of Calpe.
    One of the best things to do in Calpe in winter is to climb up to the Peñon de Ifach. At the foot of this natural reserve you will find a route that will take you up to the top.

    Ancient thermal bath

    Baños de la Reina
    Known as Baños de la Reina, this archaeological site of Roman origin located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea is one of the unmissable places of Calpe. This is because here it is possible to observe how relevant Calpe was even during the Roman times.
    The main characteristic of the Baños de la Reina is that this archaeological site is considered to be a private aquarium. Here it is said that the queen had her own fish which she was breeding and caring, serving like a fish farm of great importance for the entertainment of the queen.

    Hiking route

    Paseo ecológico Príncipe de Asturias
    If you are one of those who love hiking, paseo ecológico Príncipe de Asturias is undoubtedly one of the best options for a walk. This route goes from the Port of Calpe, passes through the Peñon mentioned above, up to Cala del Racó.
    To pass this ecological walk is very easy because you can go both on foot and by bike being a great tour both owing to the landscapes that forms the sea and the rocks and the shops that you can find nearby. They say that the best time to walk there is at sunset.

    What more see in Calpe in winter?

    The Port of Calpe
    Calpe, before being a tourist town, was a fishermen village which lived mainly of this activity. Visiting the port is going back to the paste, when the fishermen arrived with the fresh merchandise they had caught on the local shores.
    Nowadays, you will be able to be a witness of one of the most important traditions of the city, the auction of fish. Here the tourists gather mainly in search of buying some species that here are caught through an auction format.

    Historic centre of Calpe

    The old town of the city
    Finally, one of the best places to visit in Calpe is undoubtedly the old town of the city. It is formed of ancient walls dating from the fifteenth century, as well as a defensive tower known as the Torreón de la Peça.
    In this ancient area of the city you can admire many tourist spots such as the contemporary art gallery of the locality, the chapel of San Salvador, the church Nuestra Señora de las Nieves, among other buildings of great cultural and historical value.

    Where can I stay in Calpe?

    Staying in an apartment supposes many advantages, from the possibility that they all fit in only one place if you travel with the family, up to saving in meals or in transfers. Also, here you will have much more freedom than in a hotel. If we add the privacy to that, you no longer need any more reasons to choose the staying in an apartment in Calpe. Searching for a rent apartment in Calpe is very simple in addition to that it supposes many other advantages on a hotel, like those that we mention below. The best way to find the best rent apartment in Calpe is with Costa Blanca Melior Apartments. Here you will be able to choose the ideal apartment in Calpe that will adapt to your needs and expectations. Also, you will find the best prices and you will be able to access all the benefits and advantages that the rent apartment offers in Calpe and the hotels don’t have. The whole process is simple and safe so within minutes you will get your reserved apartment.

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