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Fin de semana en Calpe


Having a Mediterranean climate all year-round, Calpe welcomes you to the city of ancient ruins, sandy beaches and a place of world-class cuisines. Calpe is very famous for its vibrant nightlife, nature and ancient history. It is a great idea to spend a weekend in Calpe for friends, families, and couples. You might be wondering what to do around in Calpe? The most important thing that you need to do is rent an apartment in Calpe. We recommend Costa Blanca Melior. Apartments will be affordable and you can have a full weekend to spend quality time with your family and loved ones.

Here are some things that a must-try if you want t have a splendid weekend in Calpe.

Explore the old town

Not everyone has the same taste to lie on the beaches for a long time and relax. Some of us like to explore and wander around to find new things. That is why you need to explore the old town which is at the top of a hill and there you can do the shopping and eat some delicious cuisines.

Discover the Salinas de Calpe

These salt flats have an ancient history which shows the great importance of them in the Roman era. These salt flats were used for preservation of fish and meat.


Let’s have some bidding at the fish auction

This is a must-try if you ever visit Calpe. This place was known for the fishes as it was a village before. People use to come here for fishing on weekends and now it is a big city which is now attracting tourists from around the world.

Weekend in Calpe: enjoy the sunbath on the beaches

Now that’s what you would like to do as many of the tourists come here to enjoy some time relaxing on the beach. Playing in the water and washing their worries away. So, can be a great idea to explore the beaches during your weekend in Calpe.

Go cycling

At Calpe, a lot of tourists come here and go for cycling in groups exploring the city and enjoying nature once again.

Why rent an apartment in Calpe?

Accommodation is one of the major issues while traveling. There are many hotels in Calpe but the best solution for accommodation in Calpe. The rental apartments in Calpe are highly affordable and won’t cost you a fortune like a hotel for a weekend vacation. You will have your own kitchen to cook for yourself. What about cooking a fish which you have caught while fishing during your stay in Calpe. It will make you feel like home and you will get a lot more space than a hotel room.

The best apartment to rent in Calpe

Looking out for the best online sites where you can get all the information about alquilar un apartamentos en Calpe. Then try Costa Blanca Melior as they will save you with all this apartment hunting in no time. With new listings and bookings available you will be able to enjoy a perfect weekend in Calpe. Starting from 1 room, they are highly modern and provides cheap rates so everyone can have a great time enjoying the tourism and nature of Calpe.

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