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Todo lo que debe saber cuando alquile un apartamento en Calpe durante la temporada estival


Booking in the summer season an apartment in a touristic destination as Calpe in Spain is not an easy task. Many accommodations fills up fast and reach a 100% occupancy very early in the season, sometimes even before the summer starts. The most popular ones, arguably the “best” ones, even months before the high season even begins.

Planee sus vacaciones de verano con anticipación

Reservación con mucha anticipación es muy crucial para reservar su puesto en la costa de Alicante y tener la posibilidad de elegir entre los apartamentos y hoteles los que mejor le convienen. No se olvide que planificación de su viaje con mucha anticipación también significa ahorrar el dinero, as by booking as early as you can you may strike great deals that won’t be available later on, when the accommodations are reaching full occupancy. And by early I suggest even still in winter as by spring the best places can be full already. Book now if you can.

El precio de alquiler de un apartamento en Calpe durante la temporada estival

Para que tenga una idea de los precios actuales, para alquilar un apartamento en Calpe durante la temporada baja se requiere unos gastos como mínimo de 30-50€ por una noche. Alquilar un apartamento en Calpe durante la temporada estival al contrario le costará, así de fácil, 170-200€ por una noche donde hay muchos otros sitios más que cuestan más o menos que este. En los meses entre estas temporadas los alojamientos le costarán en alrededor de 100-120€. Viendo estas diferencias en los precios, ¿por qué hay que alquilar el apartamento en Calpe durante la temporada estival? Son muchas razones.

El tiempo en Calpe durante el verano

First, the weather is awesome. The average day temperature is between 27 and 34° and the water is constantly around 25°, perfect for swimming without feeling any chills. August is the hottest, with July a close second. If you’re looking to travel in less busy months, June and September also enjoy great temperatures (27-29° the daily top and an average of 23-24°). Water is warm still, and even in October it’s about 21-22°, a bit chill but fine for swimming anyway. Later or earlier it is considerably chillier. May or late October can be fine but expect an average of 10 degrees less than in peak summer months, with a water temperature of less than 20° and quite a few more rainy or cloudy days.

¿Por qué debe venir en verano a Calpe?

Stick to summer months to have a better chance of sun and sea activities. Nights throughout summer are never cold. You can expect the temperature to never drop below 12-14° even in the worst case, like in late October. Summer nights in Calpe can be absolutely warm.

Worth mentioning is that throughout summer in Calpe there’s hardly any downpour nor rain. July and August, again, are the best months with perhaps 1-2 rainy days, at most. Sometimes a whole month pass without any drop of water. June and September can be more unpredictable but it will be very rare to have more than a handful of days that aren’t perfectly sunny. Occasionally it happens but never for a whole week, so even in the worst case your vacation in Calpe can have a medium of 70-80% of sunny days.



Otras razones para alquilar el apartamento en Calpe en la temporada estival

Los eventos y deportes acuáticos in the summer season are at their peak and available throughout the summer, unlike winter or fall when the town calms down and there’s hardly any event going on. The fact that most people have summer holidays and both locals and tourists flock to the town means that the bars, restaurants, theaters and so on are open as long as they can and try to pack as many events as possible, in order to attract the largest number of customers. Plus, school’s out and the younger locals are out till late, making Calpe feeling more vibrant, more chill and more fun in general. It only remains to alquilar un apartamento en Calpe durante la temporada estival para disfrutar del buen tiempo, diversión, eventos espectaculares y un verano de onda perfecto. ¿Pero dónde?

Alojamiento en Calpe

Por supuesto que están disponibles muchas opciones para los que buscan el alquiler de un apartamento en Calpe. Como es el centro turístico muy popular, sobre todo que atrae los turistas británicos y alemanes, y que tiene grande comunidad de expatriados, solo imagínese cuántos apartamentos están disponibles ahora para alquilar en la ciudad. De así elegir uno entre la multitud no es tan fácil.

En Apartamentos Costa Blanca Melior we have everything that a tourist could ask for, with modern and cozy apartments right in the heart of Calpe with sea views. They’re composed of two separate buildings, named Apartments Melior and Apartments Calpe Beach.

Apartamentos Costa Blanca Melior

The first is located in downtown Calpe, 100 meters from the beach, while Apartments Calpe Beach is 150 meters from the main beach, still in the very center of Calpe and has the plus of having an open pool for the days you don’t feel like going to the sea or just want to suntan in peace. All the apartments in both buildings have plenty of comforts like a lift, balcony, sea or city views, living room, air conditioning, an electric heater and free WiFi. Features presents in all apartments are washing and dishwashing machines, oven and microwave oven, tv, drip coffee maker, water kettle, toaster, iron with the relative ironing board, hair dryer and of course a bathroom with shower, an open and fully equipped kitchen, a double sofa bed and all the furnitures you need to feel like at home. They’re modern and clean, recently built so you can expect a troubless vacation.

Estancia comfortable en Calpe

They’re geared towards any needs and requests so they’re packed with anything a tourist might need for a comfortable staying, whether it will be with the family or friends. Calpe accommodates any type of tourists and Costa Blanca Melior Apartments reflect this by furnishing everything you may need, whatever your type of vacation is. Being so close to the beach it will also cut off a lot of wasted time going and coming from it, leaving you with plenty more to relax and enjoy your holidays. Personally this is one of the biggest advantages in an accommodation so close to both town center and the main beach.

El precio de alquiler de un apartamento en Calpe durante la temporada estival

Para tener una idea de cuanto se pagaría por alquilar un apartamento en la temporada estival at Costa Blanca Melior Apartments, an average apartment, hosting up to 6 persons, with a one bedroom with a double bed and another with 2 separate beds, plus a sofa bed in the living room, will cost you 190€ per night in July, and 195€ per night in August, the busiest months. June will be 110€ per night and September 115€. In May and October the rates drop to around 60€ per night. As said before, do book as early as you can so to not lose your chance of a spot at these wonderful apartments and to be able to possibly strike a better deal.

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