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Calpe useful information


The ancient fishing village of Calpe lies at the heart of Costa Blanca, and it is the most sought-after tourist destination. Now, it is transformed into a hub of tourism because of the location and accessibility. The village sits at an ideal location easily accessed by A7 motorway, and the tourists can roam many nearby cities while visiting Calpe.

Calpe is the perfect town for the folks who are looking to enjoy the old Valencian and modern infrastructure. Calpe can serve as a base for you while exploring the rest of the area. And if you want to explore beaches, then the City of Calpe alone has three mindboggling sandy beaches. You won’t find more beautiful beaches on the whole coast.

The city has a history, and that is why it is historically and culturally important to most of the people who live there and visit. Many civilizations have moved from there, and many have colonized the city, especially in the Roman Empire.

Things to know about Calpe before going for a vacation

There are many things that you should need to know, and here is the list of Calpe useful information.

Calpe Tourist Office

You can get information about the tourist spots, restaurants, adventures, and more from the Calpe Tourist office. They are spread all around the city, and you can head over to any one of them to know more about tourism in Calpe.

Important phone numbers you will need when in Calpe

Here are some of the important phone numbers you should know while you are in the city.

  • Ayuntamiento de Calp (Town Hall) – +34 965 83 36 00
  • There are many health centers in Calpe, and you can contact HCB Calpe Internacional on +34 966 07 27 37 at any time.
  • The number for Policía Local de Calp is +34 965 83 90 00, contact them for any trouble.
  • The number for Cuartel De La Guardia Civil is +34 965 83 00 80
  • There are several Taxi services available in Calpe, and you should contact them on their phone numbers, for example Radio Taxi Calpe: 96 583 78 78

Car Hire

Calpe is a city where you can roam in a car, call the companies for car hire and roam freely in the city without any problem whatsoever. Car hire in Calpe is the way to go from one place to another.

Beaches in Calpe

There are many beaches in Calpe, but there are three to four best beaches which you need to visit while you are in Calpe. Get Calpe useful information about beaches, go there and enjoy it.

  • Playa De La Fossa – it is the perfect beach to visit if you are with your family.
  • El Raco – It is one of the best things you can do in the city, Underwater diving, to see El Raco Wild Cove.
  • Cala Del Morello – This is one of the beaches which has remains of the Roman Empire, you can explore the waters in the Roman remains.
  • Calalga Cove – You can find this peaceful and serene beaches at the bottom of a ramp, go an enjoy your day at the beach with your friends and family.

Weather in Calpe

Generally, Calpe has beautiful sunny weather with average temps being at 18 °C and rainfall happens more often in winter than in summer. So, you can go for your vacation at any time in Calpe, and you’ll get beautiful weather.

Airport transfers

There are many taxi services that you get from the airport to transfer to your hotel or Apartment. Navette Patrick Airport shuttle provider is one of the best ones.

Public transport

You can get citywide bus services in Calpe, roam and explore the city of Calpe using their public transport infrastructure. You can also use it to go to nearby cities such as Alicante, Altea, and Denia.

Supermarkets in Calpe

There will be no shortage of stuff when you live in your apartment in Calpe because there are supermarkets nearby every block of the city. Enjoy your stay in the city, and get all the essential items at the supermarket. When you go there, you would need Calpe useful information to navigate and live in the city.


Calpe is one of the oldest villages in the country, and it has seen the fall of the Roman Empire. The city has some astonishing churches, and Calpe Christian Fellowship Church is one of them. There are a lot of churches (Costa Blanca Anglican Chaplaincy, Cost Blanca Evangelic Community Church, St Michael’s Russian Orthodox Church) for you to visit in Calpe; people of all faiths can go there without an issue.

Accommodation in Calpe

There are two options for you when you go there and look for accommodation. You can either book a hotel or rent out an apartment, both of these are possible, and you have to make the booking a day earlier than your travel. Hotels might not be the best for you because you won’t be able to enjoy how it feels to live in Calpe. That is why you need to stay in an apartment, rent it out a day before. There are many beaches facing apartments in Calpe, and you have to find the right one.

Apartment Rental

As we’ve discussed that apartment rental is be a choice for you when it comes to staying in Calpe. In Costa Blanca Melior most of the apartments are beach facing. You can enjoy the morning sun directly into your balcony, soak in the sun all you want all day long.

So, you can use this Calpe useful information for your advantage and rent an apartment in the city to enjoy your vacations to the fullest. Check out the website of Costa Blanca Melior and see for yourself what we are offering.

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