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Calpe With Kids – Our 7 Unforgettable Days


Every year, we (me, my wife, and three kids) plan to visit the most beautiful places in the world. This year we decided to go to Calpe with kids, Spain.

When it comes to the most lovely and exquisite countries in the world, Spain has to be on the list. That’s why we decided to go to Calpe with kids this year. Believe me, it was a fantastic idea!
Well, there are a lot of popular destinations in Spain. However, when it comes to the most spectacular places in Spain, nothing can beat Calpe. Be it its breathtaking sea-food restaurants or flavorsome Mediterranean dishes and Spanish cuisine, or renting a beautiful apartment in Calpe, everything is so marvelous.
So Calpe was our destination for our adventure trip this year. Do you want to know how did we spend our seven days in Calpe? Great, let me tell you how we spent our week in Calpe.

Day 1: Landing In Calpe

The moment we landed at the airport, we found it breathtaking. The climate was genuinely fantastic. To everyone who is planning to visit Calpe, visit Calpe in mild winters as it’s the best time to visit this place. If you’re a Western European, you’ll definitely love this place. After traveling for five long hours, we were exhausted, and that’s why we decided to rest for a few hours and then explore this beautiful city. I was looking for some really cool apartment for a stay in Calpe with kids and I found Melior Costa Blanca Apartments. If you’re with family in Calpe, no other place will work best for you except the Melior Costa Blanca Apartments. As we arrived at night, we had our dinner (it was delicious) and decided to explore the city in the morning.

Day 2: Exploring Calpe with kids

The next day, everyone woke up at 8 am. The kids were so excited about this new place and wanted to go out as soon as they can. For our second day, we had a lot of places in our minds. However, we agreed on going to Arenal-Bol Beach. It was so beautiful! So we headed our way to the beach. We had a great time there. The kids enjoyed a lot on the beachside. Besides, we enjoyed the beautiful scenery of fine golden sand and clear water, dotted with a small palm tree, depicting an entirely new view of nature.

Day 3: Enjoying The Beach

Day two was so fantastic that we were now eagerly waiting for Day 3. Our visiting place for Day 3 was Promenade of Calpe. We left the apartment early, just to have more time having fun there. I wanted to have breakfast in the apartments, but the kids insisted on having breakfast at Promenade as it’s famous for its lavish restaurants and bars. So we had our breakfast there. I didn’t know this place was so beautiful until I reached there. The beautiful view of sand and gentle waves lapping the shore was completely out of the world experience. We returned late, with a lot of colorful memories of excellent food and sceneries.


Day 4: Aqua Blue See And Kids

My wife wanted to take the kids to a place where there are playgrounds for kids as well. So we decided to go to that place called Playa de Levante o la Fossa. We had our breakfast, took a cab, and headed towards Playa de Levante o la Fossa. For people who need a place excellent both for adults and kids, this a fantastic place to visit. Plus, the food is mouth-watering. The aqua blue sea adds more to the beauty. The best part is all the lavish restaurants are only 5 mints away from this place. So if the kids feel hungry, you can take them to some really great restaurants around.

Day 5: A Day Full Of Adventures

So on our day 5, we decided to visit Parque Natural de Penyal D’Ifach. It didn’t take us long to go from our Melior Costa Blanca Apartments to the Parque. The place was packed with people. At that moment, I felt like “Why I didn’t visit this place before.” The terraces present a spectacular view of everything around. Thank God, we had brought the required footwear as the walk was quite tricky. The kids were ecstatic after coming to know we’re going to a tunnel walk.

Day 6: History At Its Best

We had heard a lot about Old Town Of Calpe a lot before coming to Spain. So we decided to step our feet in Old Town Of Calpe. It founds deep roots in history. It was a wonderful experience walking around the every corner of this beautiful place. The small streets surrounded by beautiful plants and trees presented a wonderful view of the surroundings. The kids were so pleased to see the ancient city walls, churches and the ruins of ancient Romans.

Day 7: Fun, Gazpacho And Memories

Sadly, it was our last day in Calpe with kids. We wanted to make the best out of it. Therefore, we headed our way towards Marina Greenwich. The restaurants were especially amazing. We enjoyed our time watching a whole lot of people having fun. My wife and I played some cool games with the kids too. At the end of the day, we were all famished, so we decided to try our devour on Gazpacho and Spanish Tortilla. After dinner, the kids were feeling sleepy, so we came back to our rent apartment in Calpe. Furthermore, I would like to give credit to Melior Costa Blanca Apartments for making this possible. Their service was kind and nice. Plus, the place was clean and presented a modern look and design in every way. As we had kids, the amenities such as the washing machine were really helpful too.

So this was our 7 days trip to Calpe with kids. We had some of the best moments in life there. The memories are still fresh and vivid in my mind. It brings a smile on my face every time I remember those days. I wish to visit Calpe in my life again. Are you thinking of going too? Great idea, believe me, you won’t regret it.

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