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Doing sport in Calpe – how to spend holidays actively


If you are looking to enjoy some leisure time at a quality holiday destination, we suggest you travel to Calpe. It is the ideal destination to enjoy the beautiful sun, beaches, and local cuisine with family and friends. If you like to spend holidays actively, there are tons of activities related to sport in Calpe. You can enjoy the holiday destination actively by choosing one of these activities listed here.

Water sports

Calpe has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and you can enjoy many water-based sports in Calpe. You can enjoy sports such as Jet Ski and excursions, scuba diving, sea fishing and more. There is no shortage of active sports in the city, and you can enjoy yourself to the fullest and have a good time.

Parasailing and Paragliding

If you are a fan of outdoor adventure activities, then you must enjoy parasailing and paragliding in the city. It is one such activity that should boost your confidence and heartbeat to another level if you are an enthusiast. There are a lot of paragliding experiences available in Calpe; you must try it once if you go there.

Water-skiing & Jetskiing in Calpe

One of the favorite things to do as a foreigner in Calpe is enjoying the water skiing and jet skiing. Most tourists love to surf the waves of the beautiful blue ocean with the sun bursting down on them. It is a beautiful scene, imagine if you are there, how much you can enjoy yourself.




The beaches in Calpe are one of the best things, you can chill at the beach and still enjoy. That is the beauty of the beaches in Calpe, they are an adventure sport in itself, and you must explore all the beaches in Calpe.
There is a lot of sport in Calpe, and you cannot count it on the fingers, which is why you must go there and stay in a nice apartment to enjoy the city. Rent an apartment for your family, and enjoy the holidays on your terms and conditions.

Where to stay in Calpe

Renting an apartment in Calpe is pretty easy and straightforward. You have to open our website of Tourist Apartment Complex Costa Blanca Melior and take a look at what you like the most. It is very easy to book an apartment from there, enter your check-in, check-out time, and the number of guests and search. And voila, your brand new clean and tidy apartment is booked for the date you need. We have beach facing apartments, so you can enjoy the sport in Calpe with absolute freedom.

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