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Holiday apartment in Calpe – the best solution is Costa Blanca Melior


Many people think of the possibilities of living an apartment building than a hotel while on a vacation. They go to the apartments over hotels because of the benefits and advantages they offer for the person. Or like living in a big space or there could be thousands of reasons to rent holiday apartment in Calpe.
Both these options have their own advantages and the choice depends mostly on personal preferences and a few key advantages of the property.

Calpe – a paradise corner

Calpe – a beautiful town on Spain’s Mediterranean coast – is known for its beautiful beaches like Arenal-Bol. It is an ideal destination and a popular weekend getaway for most people living not too close to the town. It is time for you to pack your bags and head to the beautiful sandy beaches of Calpe if you live nearby. You can visit Calpe even you live in another country – such is the beauty of this town in Spain.

Calpe boasts sandy beaches, seafood restaurants, ancient ruins, and a few other major attractions. The nightlife of Calpe is also one of the things you should be excited about apart from the beaches. But, you might be thinking about the accommodation in the city. You can rent holiday apartment in Calpe with the best apartment service. We will discuss that later in the article, read on the full article.

Why Choose Calpe as Your Next Tourist Destination

There are many fun things to do when you rent holiday apartment in Calpe and have freedom in living your best days. Before becoming the hot tourist destination for the rest of the world Calpe used to be a fishing village. The shores of Calpe have seen the most famous tribes and the Roman Empire over its course in history. So, Calpe holds a special place in ancient history, it could be one of the best tourist destinations for archeological buffs. And today Calpe is one of the most sought after places in Spain.

Places you can enjoy with your family in Calpe

  • Climbing The Mountains To Enjoy The View: There are many walks mountain that travelers can climb and enjoy the view from the top. This is probably the breathtaking experience in Calpe.
  •  Exploring The Historical Things: You might want to go and see the ancient ruins and other things, go to the old town and explore. You’ll see a lot of old European architecture in the old town of Calpe.
  • Chill Out And Have A Stroll At Beaches: You chill out at the beach restaurants and have a stroll in the evening to enjoy the stunning view and sunset.

So, to enjoy all these things to the fullest, you would need to rent apartment in Calpe. Because you will be able to live on your terms and that too cheaper than the hotels.
Now, let’s talk about the best rent apartment in Calpe that offers a lot of great features.

Best holiday apartment in Calpe

Enjoying a vacation at Calpe means you have to stay in a place that offers a scenic view. Imagine waking up to the sunrise and beach view that can become the reality when you rent holiday apartment in Calpe with Costa Blanca Melior. There are two apartment buildings that the same view to all the families that stay there. The quality of the services they provide is excellent. Let’s have a look at the features of their apartments and then you decide whether it is suitable for your needs or not.

• Breathtaking view
• Balcony
• Full-size kitchen
• TV, Oven, Toaster, and other kitchen appliances
• Air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and heater
• Refrigerator, washing machine and iron

These are some of the basic amenities provided with the apartment. You also get other amenities that are not listed here, you have to check out their website to get more information on that.




Why people choose Costa Blanca Melior for rent holiday apartment in Calpe

Not to mention this is the best rent holiday apartment in Calpe, people choose it for other reasons as well. And here is a list of them:

  • New furniture and equipment – there is new furniture with modern design and all the equipment is fresh and new as well.
  • Spectacular View – you can enjoy the epic sunrise in the morning from your bedroom every day.
  • Assistance while settling in –  all your needs will be taken care of and they will help you move in for the time being.
  • Cleanliness – the apartments are cleansed after every tenant checks out from there.
  • Best for a family – it is one of the best places for a family to stay on their weeklong vacation.

Rent holiday apartment in Calpe and feel like home

Costa Blanca Melior Apartments are not as costly as you would think compared to a similar footprint hotel room or suite. The rent holiday apartment in Calpe in the best deal you can if you are planning to spend a week or two weeks in town. You can enjoy your perfect summer holidays in an apartment like that while scouring the beaches of the Calpe city.

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