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Rent apartment in Calpe: Why tourists choose Calpe as their favourite travelling destination?

Rent apartment in Calpe

Calpe is a beautiful coastal town in Spain’s Costa Blanca region. It is an ideal holiday destination and a popular weekend gateway too. This stunning city beholds ancient ruins, sugar-granulated sandy beaches, seafood restaurants and other curious attractions. Tourists visiting Calpe also enjoy a vibrant nightlife. In addition to these, the perfect Mediterranean climate makes it a year-round destination. As its a major tourist destination, there are plenty of overgrown hotels. However, a very popular way to find accommodation is to rent an apartment. Rent apartment in Calpe and plan a weekend break with your family. The rates are not only less as compared to hotels, but, you also enjoy an independent stay in a luxurious environment with full privacy. Explore the city’s beautiful European and Moorish architectures those lined along the streets during your visit. The colonial history also speaks about the Romans and Moorish settlers who inhabited Calpe hundreds of years ago.

Thus, this city has historic attractions, natural beauty and a perfect climate to enjoy the sand and the sea. Among the curiosities includes the Rock of Ifach. Standing on the cliff of this rock, enjoy breathtaking sweeping views of the Costa Blanca to hold your breath. There are various inspiring reasons for tourists to choose Calpe as their favourite travelling destination. Let’s dive in and explore a few of them.


Rent apartment in Calpe


The location is a strong reason.

This city has an excellent location. It is conveniently located near the airport. From Alicante Airport, the city is just an hour drive. This airport also serves as the main aviation hub for tourists visiting Costa Blanca to enjoy a delightful holiday. You can also rent a car and reach Calpe by driving through the scenic coastal roads. Due to the convenience in location, tourists choose Calpe as their favourite travelling destination for a weekend gateway.

Excellent climate is another reason.

Calpe has a beautiful Mediterranean climate. The average temperature remains just above 20 degrees. The mountains surrounding the city protects it from the cold North winds during the winters. Thus, the temperature is neither too hot nor too cold. Tourists can enjoy more than 300 sunny days and an equitable climate. This makes it a year-round destination to visit and enjoy.


Top attractions inspiring travellers to visit Calpe


The Rock of Ifach

The Rock of Ifach is a massive natural volcanic rock formation. This is the first attraction any traveller visiting Calpe would like to explore. It stands at a height of over 332 meters above sea level. If you are not afraid of heights, climb to its cliff and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the Costa Blanca. Thousands of curious tourists enjoy this two-hours thrilling hike to get a glimpse of the awe-inspiring natural beauty that beholds. You can also explore the beautiful natural park surrounding this attraction. Also, find over three-hundred diversified animal and bird species as you marvel around. If you want to know why tourists choose Calpe as their favourite travelling destination, the magnetic natural beauty of the Rock of Ifach is an inspiring reason.


Rent apartment in Calpe

Old Town

The old town is a historic place to explore in Calpe. Marvel around the cobblestone streets of this town and explore the spectacular Moorish architectures. There are Gothic-style museums, churches and bodegas to explore during your visit. Whatever you will see in the Old Town will definitely increase your curiosity to learn more about this place.

Archaeological sites

Calpe is a treasure-trove of ancient sites. This is one of the good reasons for tourists to choose this city as a favourite travelling destination. Interestingly, most of these historical ruins remain preserved until today. The Roman Baths, The Torre Moli del Morello, the Calpe Castle, etc. are a few of the remarkable archaeological ruins excavated over here.

Pristine Beaches

The Pristine Beaches in Calpe attracts tourists visiting this city like a magnet. Most of the beaches are located near to each other. There are plenty of beach activities available for tourists to enjoy. Moreover, the bars, cafes and seafood restaurants those lined along the beaches offer a nice gastronomic delight to all travellers. Arenal Bol is, however, the most popular beach where you can enjoy a wide array of activities.

Where I can rent apartment in Calpe?

Calpe is a popular coastal destination. It remains crowded with enthusiastic tourists all round the year. Interestingly, the city’s population is below 15,000 but it accommodates millions of tourists throughout the year. Like other coastal destinations, Calpe also has several boutiques hotels spread all over. Due to excessive demand most of the times these are overbooked and priced heavily.

Alternatively, rent apartment in Calpe gained immense popularity for accommodating tourists. You can find a large number of apartments to rent in Calpe. Most of them are located by the sea to give you an amazing holiday experience. Once you stay in a rented apartment, you can enjoy complete privacy with your family. These are spacious apartments where you can also cook your favourite meal. If you are really keen to rent apartment in Calpe, the best option is Costa Blanca Melior Apartments. Staying at this place gives you a homely feeling.

Furthermore, the Costa Blanca Melior Apartments are located near to the beach. All these apartments are fully-equipped with all modern amenities. It includes free use of Wi-Fi and air conditioners. From their large terrace, you can enjoy stunning views of the sea, embrace the sun and the cold sea breeze alike. In addition to it, these are conveniently located within a distance of only 70 kilometres from the airport.

Wrapping it up…

Calpe is undoubtedly an amazing tourist destination with so much see and explore. We have listed down the major reasons which make this city a favourite travelling destination. It is guaranteed that your travel experience to Calpe will not dissatisfy you. To make your stay comfortable, rent apartment in Calpe and have a mesmerizing holiday experience.

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