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The worst things about staying in hotels


When planning a weekend getaway or holidays, there are a number of the worst things about staying in hotels. You should take into account a number of small problems that may appear when looking for accommodation in Calpe.

The worst things about accommodation in Calpe

One of the worst things that happen is when you arrive at the hotel the reservation does not figure. Or that the room is already occupied or is not available. To avoid similar situations it is advisable to confirm by phone a couple of days before the reservation made.

Another typical problem in many destinations is the payment of tourist tax. It’s because for a long time it has been applied in many hotels. And now the tourist tax is usually not included in the room price.


What else can overshadow your stay in a hotel

The most common thing that occurs when booking a room or apartment, is the charge of services or products that were believed to be included in the price. From laundry bills, beverage consumption from bar cabinet to parking charges. Those who are looking for accommodation in Calpe, especially in the high season, should confirm with the hotel the price and possible charges arising from a reservation.

Staying in a hotel can expose many customers to unforeseen events not so common, but less pleasant. An example is the occasional food poisoning, especially in the summer. Small accidents due to falls or injuries on the premises, as well as the loss of luggage or the theft of personal belongings in the room are also other unforeseen events that may occur.

Taking into account these unforeseen events, planning and carrying out a preventive attitude towards them is the best guarantee for enjoying accommodation in Calpe with all the guarantees, as well as an unforgettable vacation, where any problem or unforeseen event can be solved in the most intelligent and diligent way.

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