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When is the best time to visit Calpe?


Choosing the best time to visit Calpe can be the difference between a good vacation and a great one. So many differences in terms of weather, events, nightlife, experiences to be had and general vibe according to the chosen period of the year that it is truly vital to carefully select the best time to visit. It’s hard to give an accurate answer to when it is the best time to visit a specific place. So many variables can change, even completely. Your experience and all depends on what you are looking for in a vacation. We give you a general recommendation about Calpe so you can choice the best time to visit it.

So, when is the best time to visit Calpe?

A few considerations must be done. First of all, the weather. In winter in Calpe is never freezing nor too dark but the sea water is too cold to swim. There’s a lot more rain than a tourist would accept and the hours of sunlight are at a minimum. The advantage is that is much more quiet and devoid of mass tourism than in summer months. The apartments’ rates are at the lowest as well. Winter can be kept in consideration if one’s not interested in a beach vacation but a more relaxing one.

Why not visit Calpe in early spring?

The early spring, think like March-April, is generally a better choice. The weather is starting to warm up and there are plenty of events connected to the Catholic Easter. Prices of accommodations rise around the Easter week so do book well in advance. Outside of Easter, it is still mostly quiet, not chilly and cheap. The apartments’ rates are less than 50% of the rates compared to August. It may be the perfect spot between warm but not hot temperatures, general events available and not too crowded.

May and June – the best to explore the region!

Between May and June the proper touristic season begins. Price-conscious visitors may select these months to visit Calpe. The temperatures start to rise, 24-25°C day average is normal. The sea water is warm enough to swim: it can be chilly still in the early morning though). Watersports, hiking, riding a bike, playing golf, sightseeing are all available but the costs aren’t yet as high as in peak summer. As these months aren’t too hot yet, walking around Calpe region or biking through it is advisable. Better exploring the region when it’s not the summer sun yet.

The summer season in Calpe

July is the first proper month of the summer season and all the activities related to the sea are in full swing. Beach volleyball, paddle tennis, boat tours, diving or kayaking can be experienced every day of the month. Temperatures are perfect for a beach vacation, being every day around 30°C with a water temperature above 25°C. Warm enough to never feel a shiver when bathing. Of course also accommodation rates are rising but don’t usually reach the same level as of August. For many tourists, July is indeed the best time to visit Calpe.

August is like July. Just more of everything. There are slightly more visitors, the temperatures are a tad higher, the prices are at their highest. It is the best month to visit Calpe for those who want to be in the heart of the action. The weather has the lowest number of rainy days: often not even one for the whole August. However the sun in the evening leaves space for a gentle sea breeze that will gently refresh you. It may thus be well worth to spend more to visit Calpe in August to have the fullest summer experience possible in the area.

Get relaxed away from the crowd

September and October are also to be considered as the best time to visit Calpe for quite a lot of tourists. If you aren’t interested in partying so much or want generally a quieter experience without giving up watersports or sea-related activities, September, especially the first half, may be perfect for you. Everything is cheaper than August but the weather is still very good, comparable to early July, perhaps even more welcoming as both the water and the air temperature won’t be so hard to tolerate for those who aren’t used to the hot Mediterranean sun. October is quite more chilly, with day average temperatures slightly above 20°C and a water that may be too cold to bathe some days of this month, reaching often below 19-18°C often and with more rainy days. It’s quieter than September though, some businesses may be closing down for the winter and prices are way cheaper than during summer. It may be the best time to visit Calpe for those who look for a relaxing experience in a beautiful Mediterranean city, away from the crowd.

What about November in Calpe?

Then we are back again at winter, in which November may be included as the weather is similar. As said before, for those not interested in the sea or swimming, these months may be a worthwhile choice still. Not in the least by saving a good amount of money in booking an apartment in Calpe, like Costa Blanca Melior ones.

In the end, choosing the best time to visit Calpe is not easy as each month of the year provides with a different yet interesting vacation experience. It is really worth try going to Calpe in every period of the year: going in winter or early spring can be a totally new experience than choosing the summer months. There’s enough to entice every kind of tourist, you just have to choose what you are more interested in and your budget, and by that you will identify when it’s the best time to visit Calpe for you. You can always come back again to try a different season.

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