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Why you should plan your vacation in Spain in advance?


There are plenty of good reasons why planning your vacation in Spain in advance is a very good idea. We will take as an example somebody that wants to visit Calpe, a beautiful town near Alicante throughout this article.

Accommodation’s rates

First of all, planning in advance can save you a lot on the accommodation’s rates. Sometimes hotels and apartments have deals that can be up to 60% and major reservation portals like will add 10-15% off the normal rates if you book early.

Plus being early means that in the eventuality that your plans change you can cancel your reservation free of charge if you are still 30 days or more before the check-in date. Sometimes even later. Quite an advantage.

Cheaper flights

The same often applies to flights: booking early can offer you some advantageous deals. Taking our hypothetical tourist looking to visit Calpe, he will be able to fly in the middle of August from London to Alicante for 170€, quite a bargain right now. Booking at the latest moment instead, that rate can climb up to twice or thrice that sum. Booking early can actually cut in half your costs here.

When better to visit Calpe

Given these advantages in planning your vacation well in advance, when should you go? The area of Alicante is full of events all year round. A few highlights are surely around Easter (this year it falls on 12/04). There are celebrations in all major towns especially interesting are those in Orihuela (from 05/04 till 12/04) and the Moors and Christian Festival of Saint Jorge in Banyeres de Mariola. Both are in the interior, close to both Alicante and Calpe.

Later instead, closer to summer, important events are the Bonfires of San Juan in Alicante (from 19/06 till 24/06) and the Misterio de Elche religious theatre (from 11/08 till 15/08, a religious representation designed an Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO).

A few festival celebrating the Spanish Reconquista against the Moors are the Moors and Christian Fiesta in La Villajoyosa (from 24/07 till 31/07), the Moors and Christian Festivals in Villena (from 04/09 till 09/09) and right in Calpe (from 17/10 till 22/10). At the end of October, if you were to visit Calpe in a low season period, there’s also the Oktoberfest held by German expats there.

Plenty of reasons to visit Calpe, outside the wonderful beach, good weather and a great connection to the Alicante airport. Choose the best dates that work for you and book everything as far in advance as you can, accommodation, events’ tickets and transportation to/from the airport. Then relax knowing that by booking in advance you saved quite a lot out of your vacation in Spain.

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